Curiosity Objects

In recent years there has been a widespread installation of large interactive public displays. Longitudinal studies however show that these interactive displays suffer from interaction blindness, the inability of the public to recognize the interactive capabilities of those surfaces. In this project, we explore the use of curiosity-provoking artifacts, (curiosity objects) to overcome interaction blindness. Our study con firmed the interaction blindness problem and shows that introducing a curiosity object results in a significant increase in interactivity with the display as well as changes in movement in the spaces surrounding the interactive display.




curiosity WIP.1
  • Overcoming Interaction Blindness through Curiosity Objects
  • S. Houben and C. Weichel
  • In CHI ’13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA ’13). ACM, 6 pages. (bibtex)
  • [~32% acceptance; 1963 submissions]
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  • Curiosity Objects: Using Curiosity to Overcome Interaction Blindness
  • S. Houben and C. Weichel
  • In workshop on Experiencing Interactivity in Public Spaces, CHI 13.