Distributed interaction is a computing paradigm in which the interaction with a computer system is distributed over multiple devices, users and locations. Designing and developing distributed interaction systems is intrinsically hard as it requires the engineering of a stable infrastructure to support the actual system and user interface. As an approach for this re-engineering problem, we constructed NooSphere, an activity-centric infrastructure and programming framework that provides a set of fundamental distributed services that enables quick development and deployment of distributed interactive systems.


NooSphere is an activity-centric service-based infrastructure and programming framework to support the development and deployment of distributed interactive systems. It is built on the concept of communicating activity systems: by using a standardized data model and a two layered infrastructure consisting of a cloud and local distributed system, it allows for the deployment of different distributed interaction applications that can be interconnected. This implies that data and services are not confined within one system but can be consumed in all interconnected systems through adaptation of the context. This allows developers to built very complex distributed applications that consist of different domain specific system that are interconnect through the cloud. NooSphere is therefore composed of two fundamental components: (i) NooCloud, a cloud platform, and (ii) NooSystem, a distributed activity system.



noosphere C.5
  • NooSphere: An Activity-Centric Infrastructure for Distributed Interaction
  • S. Houben, S. Nielsen, M. Esbensen, J.E. Bardram
  • In the Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM’13), ACM, 10 pages (bibtex)
  • [~33,6% acceptance; 107 submissions]