Lancaster University at CHI 2017

CHI 2017 is approaching quickly so here are all the papers and notes from Lancaster University this year. It’s a great selection of papers ranging from technical work to design, empirical studies and digital health. With 12  13 papers, Lancaster University has done quite well [source]. If you’re attending CHI this year do check out all the talks!

  1. Implications for Adoption
  2. Design for Rituals of Letting Go: An Embodiment Perspective on Disposal Practices Informed by Grief Therapy
  3. DemYouth: Co-Designing and Enacting Tools to Support Young People’s Engagement with People with Dementia
  4. Connecting Those That Care: Designing for Transitioning, Talking, Belonging and Escaping
  5. Embedding a Crowd inside a Relay Baton: A Case Study in a Non-Competitive Sporting Activity
  6. Supporting the Use of User Generated Content in Journalistic Practice
  7. Photo Privacy Conflicts in Social Media: A Large-scale Empirical Study
  8. EagleSense: Tracking People and Devices in Interactive Spaces using Real-Time Top-View Depth-Sensing
  9. Bearing an Open “Pandora’s Box”: HCI for Reconciling Everyday Food and Sustainability
  10. Demand Around the Clock: Time Use and Data Demand of Mobile Devices in Everyday Life
  11. Design for Trust: An Exploration of the Challenges and Opportunities of Bitcoin Users
  12. HCI and environmental public policy: Opportunities for engagement
  13. Thumb + Pen Interaction on Tablets

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