Grand Challenges in HCI

Last week I attended an amazing symposium organized by some of my colleagues at UCLIC around grand challenges in Human-Computer Interaction. It turned out to be a pretty big event with more than 120 people attending, and really interesting speakers, panel and coffee-break discussions around the grand challenges in HCI. As a relatively newcomer in HCI (I’ve only started publishing in 2012), this was a very interesting day. There are so many different angles, topics and approaches within one field that one often loses track of what is happening, but also how to best move forward in our own research. This symposium was organized to start a longer dialogue and discussion on how to move the field forward and address some of the big challenges within HCI but also society at large. The program started with an amazing lineup of speakers who all gave insightful and inspiring talks about their perspective on whatever ‘grand challenges’ in HCI means to them (program and slides). What was really interesting about these talks was the enormous diversity in what these speakers considered “grand challenges”.

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